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8 reasons why you should consider learning Python today!

8 reasons why you should consider learning Python today!

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Pranshu Jha
·Dec 16, 2021·

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Table of contents

  • [1] High Demand & Popularity
  • [2] English like syntax
  • [3] Machine Learning & AI
  • [4] Web Development
  • [5] Game Development
  • [6] Automation & Scripting
  • [7] Huge Community
  • [8] Tons of libraries and frameworks
  • Conclusion

Python is one of the most popular languages today. Chances are that you might've already heard about it if you're a developer or starting as one.

That said, it's one of the languages you should consider learning. Here are some reasons why -

[1] High Demand & Popularity

No doubt python is one of the most popular languages now. It has taken the number one slot on TIOBE's Index Rankings. So there's no doubt that developers love Python!

[2] English like syntax

And this is why developers love it so much!

Python has probably the easiest to understand syntax among the popular programming languages. This makes python one of the top choices for beginner developers.

Here's an example of a hello world program in Python and C++ for comparison.

image.png image.png

[3] Machine Learning & AI

...are some of the top-grossing buzzwords currently and, will be so for a long time to come. Python is one of the popular choices for Machine Learning. Python also provides multiple modules for Machine Learning like Scikit-learn, Tensorflow, PyTorch, etc.

[4] Web Development

Although you'll need to know HTML, CSS, and a dash of JavaScript to make a delicious website, python can help you with its numerous web-development frameworks and libraries. A few popular examples are Django, Flask, Bottle, web2py, etc.

Fun fact: Python powers popular websites like Spotify, Instagram, Dropbox, Reddit, etc.

So I'd recommend you to at least give Python a try if you're into web development like me.

[5] Game Development

Python offers some of the easiest to use game development libraries, promoting rapid prototyping. Pygame, Arcade, Ursina are some of the popular game development libraries for python.

[6] Automation & Scripting

(This bit is also from personal experience)

I've used python to automate everything from taking screenshots of my online classes to taking attendance of students. And I have to's really nice to be able to shave some time off of tedious tasks.

[7] Huge Community

This means any bug you encounter has probably been encountered before and there probably exists a StackOverflow post about it as well.

(It's kind of nice knowing that you won't keep banging your head over stupid bugs :p)

[8] Tons of libraries and frameworks

Python has numerous libraries for every purpose you might need it for. There are libraries for everything from game development to data science and, frameworks for everything from making websites to GUI applications, you name it!


To conclude simply, Python is a great choice for developers especially beginners. I urge you to give Python a chance, I'm sure you'll be enthralled by its magic ✨

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